How To Successfully Build An Mvp Product? Lessons Learned From Our Software Development Perspective

Usually, when you are building an MVP, you should focus on the most relevant feature. Lean Startup methodology, that aims to reduce waste, optimize business processes, and make startup smarter, not harder. The number of downloads and launch rates shows users’ interest in the app. After geographically segmenting the customer base, the next task is to understand their motivation behind the purchase. This will help the startup perfectly balance its MVP positioning. However, to create a great MVP, you must avoid a few development errors that might lead to a massive business disaster.

It can happen if you conducted solid market research or you want to build a clone of the other successful product. Compared to developing a fully-featured product that can easily last more than one year, an average Minimum Viable Product development takes up to 6 months. Plus, you will obviously have a clear advantage among others since you’ll be the first one on the market to present your idea. Every potentially successful founder believes in their idea. As one of our customers recently said, it isn’t even worth starting if you are not 100% sure.

minimum viable product software development

Based on this experience, I decided to share with you my suggestions and good practices for MVP building and implementation. After launch, we’ll provide maintenance and updates as needed, and we can discuss the future possibilities for your app. MVP development is faster, and it requires Minimum Viable Product fewer resources, so of course, it costs less; this is ideal if your primary goal is profitability. To learn the most and get the full value from your MVP, keep some critical considerations in mind. First and foremost, spend as little time and money on the MVP as possible.

Proof Of Concept:

But if we take a little bit of time to find our target users and truly understand them first, we can prove a lot of assumptions beforehand. It should also be clear what the essential estimations are for the product. As MVP implies, the product has to introduce value to the people in its most basic state. Begin by outlining the users and build the MVP based on their needs. For instance, startups develop a free sub-domain website with practically no content and call it a startup.

You should understand what customers expect to get while using your product to build a good user flow. Make sure you provide users with some additional information if they need it and find out possible disinclinations that can stop them from going to a next step. You can use Kickstarter, other crowdfunding platforms, or directly sell your product to meet two main goals. The first and the most important one is to get feedback and the second is to invest this money into further development.

  • Simply put, it shows whether your MVP offers something unique that no one else does, causing customers to return to your service again.
  • We will help you find and hire qualified remote coders based on your project requirements, tech stack, and, most importantly, culture.
  • Don’t try to reach out to everybody with your Minimum Viable Product.
  • If the feedback is positive, you can now determine the next features to add to your product based on the feedback.

This taxi-call service started as an application for text-calling a car only for friends and relatives. Moreover, you can request an exclusive luxury ride, which is usually available only to wealthy people, but UberCab made its rental available to ordinary users. Interview potential customers and highlight the problems that you think your product might solve.

Have You Properly Defined Your Audience?

Sometimes MVP is aimed to test a product business model and monetization approaches. A minimum viable product is a Lean Startup concept that emphasizes the importance of learning in new product development. This initial version of a product allows teams to collect the maximum amount of validated learning with the least amount of effort. It includes fundamental components and features while keeping end-users’ core requirements and needs in mind. The product is tested in real market conditions to determine its potential to succeed before investing in the full product.

minimum viable product software development

Another way to track success is by interviewing potential customers. Begin by listing the problems a customer is facing or is likely to face, and then ask what they think. Rather than conducting extensive and expensive market research, he built a basic website. Then, he approached a shoe store, clicked pictures of shoes, and placed them on his site. Upon receiving the order, he purchased the shoes from the store and shipped them out.

And now it’s time to define the prices for the minimum viable product development as well as its timing. Cleveroad provides app development services in different spheres, and travel and hospitality is one of them. Thus, we’ll discuss minimum viable product costs on the example of a hotel booking app.

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By analysing their product, you will understand the features they are not providing. This will help you understand what you should include in your product. The advantages of MVP software development are good in numbers. Be careful not to rush into development with only an idea. Do your best to back it up first through market research and concept testing.

Moreover, you will have to get rid of the unnecessary product features you have paid for. A minimum viable product creation is a procedure of building a solution with a set of features enough for path-breakers to use. MVP can also help the developers to improve the product due to the customers’ feedback analysis. The concept of MVP can help businesses on multiple levels. For starters, minimum viable product examples allow companies to see whether the target customers are interested in their product or not. In addition, it helps in generating early feedback so that the companies can do required changes at the early stages.

minimum viable product software development

The key concept here is maintaining the balance of minimalism and viability. Sloboda Studio has been focusing on MVP development for almost 10 years. Thus, we’ve seen the number of pitfalls waiting for founders at the very beginning. Time is a very important factor in launching a new and innovative project. As usual, the first is the one who creams money off the top. The faster you get feedback, validate the idea, and realize the weak components, the faster you can fix them and pivot in another direction.


The music industry was facing a huge roadblock due to piracy issues in file sharing in 2006. Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek realized that to counter the piracy problem there is a need to develop free music live streaming services. This service could use advertisements and other in-app purchases for generating revenue. When the MVP product example became successful, AdWords Express was developed and is now a fully automated process.

minimum viable product software development

When someone bought a pair, he purchased them from the store and shipped them. Include a sign-up field where visitors can add their email addresses to your list. You could even list different pricing plan options and ask people to choose the one that interests them, which will help you understand what they want from your product.

After Your Mvp

Our key deliverables of this stage are user personas and user journeys that help future users fulfill their tasks quickly and easily and drive conversions . Single-feature MVP – implementing one key feature of future software that creates the core value. Feature prioritization for the full software version based on user stories, user scenarios, prioritization techniques (e.g., Kano and MoSCoW), cost-benefit analysis, etc. Coined by Frank Robinson in 2001, and popularized by Eric Ries through his book Lean Startup, the MVP has become a pillar of high-performing product teams all over the world. Why does Apple make some of the most popular products in the world? Why has Netflix not only survived, but thrived beyond their original business model?

Analyze who your top three rivals are, how long they have been in the market, what products or services they offer. Define whether they have a competitive advantage and estimate your ability to offer something better. You may use such platforms as Google, Facebook, and Twitter to see if the MVP reaches its target audience. These advertising platforms have very flexible and detailed segmentation capacities, so you’ll be able to test your personas hypotheses by targeting multiple narrow user segments. The feedback that you receive either through interviews or other channels should be systematic and have real, short-term impact on your product. Keep track of all feedback, generalize, and convert ideas that you receive into concrete tasks for your team.

Benefits Of Mvp Development With Sciencesoft

It is one of the most common minimum viable product examples. This process uses agile development to build the software with just the core components. As agile development is a flexible project, it involves product development through continuous improvement. One of the best examples of the agile development process is the scrum framework. A strong case could be made to use MVP versions for most products. If you’re in the process of bringing a new product or product line to market, an MVP could be an invaluable tool to ensure it will fit the end-users’ needs.

What Is The Difference Between Mvp And Mmp?

One of the significant reasons why nine out of 10 startups fail is this. In general, Agile and waterfall techniques for MVP product development are used. It is essential to realize that the end-users are the ones who can tell what is lacking and what is redundant. Once a business collects user feedback, it can start improving the product.

A prototype is a quick way to test the product’s fundamental ideas and assumptions. On the other hand, an MVP is a usable version of the product that contains only the core features. It is ideal for testing, resulting in feedback and valuable data, but with the least amount of time and money invested at this stage. A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a product that has enough features to encourage early adopters and substantiate a product idea beginning of the development cycle.

Turn to ScienceSoft for help with MVP software and project planning, defining skills gaps, etc. Direct supervision over the dev process and team productivity. You get an opportunity to enter the real market and check the viability of your concept. Additional talents can be required, depending on the nature of the project, for example, we can also involve data scientists, 3D designers, etc.

This article serves as a step-by-step guide that will provide you with a basic understanding of how to plan a minimum viable product as you work through our free MVP template. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that MVP can be of lower quality compared to the final version of the product. It should have much less functionality but the quality must be excellent. To build a valid MVP your team should fully understand the peculiarities and goals of MVP development and, preferably, have practical experience with similar cases. To clearly understand the desired functionality of your future product, you should start by making a list and pointing out a few must-haves – the features you will develop for the MVP.

As we said,the minimum viable productfor software development is a simple version of a web, desktop, or mobile application. These models work together to hit the market and deliver successful products. Once a business is ready with an MVP prototype, it’s time to validate it through testing. At this stage, it is necessary to acquire comments and feedback from the target audience.

Cost of building an MVP is much lower than a final version development, due to step-by-step development. Furthermore, when your app starts to bring some profit, you can reinvest it into the development of additional features. A vital part of product development is evolving the idea from a unique concept to a fully working product or service. Between the idea and the full-fledged product lies the prototype that focuses on the ‘How’ part of the product. Hence, you must design the app in a way that is convenient for users.

If you’re looking to hire skilled developers to build your MVP, you can get in touch with our team. We will help you find and hire qualified remote coders based on your project requirements, tech stack, and, most importantly, culture. You may not be able to fix all the issues raised by the early adopters at once. Determine the most pressing issues that affect the user’s experience of the product and attend to those first. This process may also involve removing some useless features from the product.

Well Thought-Out – Take some time to analyze the personas, tasks, and pains of your users and formulate the hypothesis you want to test. Later, it will be possible to monetize it and increase coverage, product, and brand recognition. This stage is devoted directly to development and monitoring. All emerging technical flaws must be caught immediately and fixed. For each question «what does the user want?» add clarifying question «what does the user need?». It means that a user needs to spend 2 minutes maximum on subscribing, without spending time on additional questions, without filling out 10 mandatory forms.

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